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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is Chennai Metro Corporation Sleeping?

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My B'day Today. Thought of writing my first Blog!

I don't think I can have a better topic than this. This always been a hot topic, although it is about rain.

Yes, I am gonna write about the "Rain in Chennai".

A View at Bazulla Road, TNagar, Chennai. Cars seems like a boat. If Corporation is not going to take any action, at least Car manufacturers should think of manufacturing a two in one product with boat & car.

Won't they?

View at North Usman Road, TNagar, Chennai.

All the Chennaites have good awareness of the rainy roads, but Chennai Corporation has not yet got the specials eyes to see this beauty.

Riding in the rainy roads needs an extra-ordinary driving skills which Chennaites have mastered.

Will Chennai Have a better tomorrow?

-Kathiravan Manoharan

1 comment :

Nanda Nachimuthu said...

this will change kathir...we are expecting so many improvements at chennai....2010 may sweep all your doubts...