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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

About ESnips.Com & How to Download mp3 files in ESnips?

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About ESnips.Com

ESnips.Com is a website which allows you to upload/download any files to share it with others. Its a great website when you search for some books, videos, pdf files, doc files, templates, mp3 songs, Novels, Technical Books.

The Great feature is all about folders. You can create your own folder and have your files stored there. An unique link for your folder will be created you can just pass it to your friends if you want to share with them.

The search functionality in this site looks great. It matches the exact text you are searching and sometimes it irritates when you try to give the exact file name ;-)
Also I want to share a trick which I used to download MP3 files in ESnips.Com

1. Click on any of the mp3 files.
As you can see, the URL in your browser look like this:
2. Now change the “doc” to “nsdoc“
3. So, your link now should look like this:

4. Now hit ENTER.
5. A popup will occurs and your file is ready to "Download".
6. Cheers!

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