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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


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This time its all about Singapore.

27th Jan, 2008 is definitely a memorable day in my life. Yes, this is the day I arrived in Singapore. Right from the minute I arrived here, I started admiring all about this country.

I am from Chennai, India. The way people keeps the country Clean & Unpolluted is really good. Locals used to say, Singapore - a "fine" city. Yes, everywhere you see a sign board, that will be accompanied with a fine board.

I guess, Singapore should be one of the colourful cities in the world. 70%(I am not good in Statistics) of the population are youth.

Some good things in Singapore
  • I never have seen someone standing beyond the yellow line (it is a line which ensures your safety) in Singapore.
  • None is violating traffic rules(red lights) though there is no vehicles(or pedestrians). I wont lie that it is not at all happening in the city, but it is a rare scene and countable.
  • None pee-ing in the roads as enough Toilets are built everywhere in the city. You will find a toilet in all the MRT & SMRT stations.
  • One of the safest cities in the world. Anyone(gal or boy) can roam anywhere anytime. But a best practice is to use your common sense to avoid darken areas.
  • McDonalds kind-a food shops are operating 24 hours. So no worries about food. However, vegetarians like me are little bothered as they cannot have quality veg food anywhere (except business districts and Little India). Better to cook for yourself if you can and if you've provisions.
  • Laws enforcement is very strict. I have never experienced it, but heard it from my friends.
  • There is no confusion & controversies in Taxi Stands & Bus Stations as people themselves forming queue automatically.
  • Traffic tips instructing drivers about the traffic jams & happening places. They even educate public if they're going to close a road(to repair) for sometime, at least before 1 week.

Impressing scenes in Singapore

Scene 1

Orchard Road. A street with all kind of shopping malls & food courts. I was walking on the road and I saw two women, one with her baby and another with her puppy(dog). The dog was so cute, but it disposed its solid waste somewhere in middle of the platform. To my surprise, the lady cleaned the road and disposed it into a dustbin located near. 

Scene 2A board in MRT Trains saying "Please offer this seat someone who needs it more than you need".

Some "fine boards" people should be careful in Singapore,

1. S$1000 fine - a bicycle ride may cost you if you are riding it in a foot over bridge.
2. S$1000 fine - a small traffic violation may cost you.
3. S$5000 fine - a small bite of any eatables in MRT Stations & Trains.
4. No Chewing gum's entertained throughout the country. Some locals says that it will be available in pharmacies with some medical label.
I filled my Digi-cam with full of Singapore pics. Attached some of the good photos of Singapore for you. Have a look at it.

Singapore Streets

(My neck is really paining after seeing all these tall buildings)

Singapore In Lights

MRT Station in Singapore
(Not a Shopping Mall, just an MRT Station)

(Clean huh?)Jurong Birds Park, Singapore

(Its me, in the middle)

(Believe me, its not a statue)

See you again after re-charging my digital pen.

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Nanda Nachimuthu said...

Kathir....Singapore is a corporate government...india is having its own value than any other country in the world...come back to chennai we will discuss more about this.lets try to make atleast a 'muttu sandhu' as singapore at chennai..:-D