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Sunday, November 30, 2008

LAMP, SAMP, MAMP, WAMP, Apache, MySQL, PHP, XAMPP - One Stop Download Packages & URL's

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Here is a list of Pre-Installed PHP, LAMP Environments for your easy access:-

XAMPP Server:

XAMPP is a compilation of free software (comparable to a Linux distribution), it's free of charge and it's free to copy under the terms of the GNU General Public License. But it is only the compilation of XAMPP that is published under GPL. Please check every single license of the contained products to get an overview of what is, and what isn't, allowed.

In the case of commercial use please take a look at the product licenses (especially MySQL), from the XAMPP point of view commercial use is also free.

Download Links:

Download XAMPP for Linux (LAMP) -

Download XAMPP for Windows (WAMP) -

Download XAMPP for Mac OS X - (MAMP)

Download XAMPP for Solaris - (SAMP)

WAMP Server:

WampServer is an open source project, free to use (GPL licence). If you think our work deserves it and you want to help us, you can make a donation with paypal.

Download Links:

Download Wamp Server for WINDOWS -

EasyPHP Server:

EasyPHP is a WAMP software bundle that installs web server services on to the Windows computer and allows quick and easy development of PHP and MySQL. The package includes an Apache server, a MySQL database, and some PHP extensions.

Download Links:

Download EasyPHP Server for Windows - and

A variety of packages enable WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) to be downloaded (and, if not portable, installed) on a Windows-based computer. Some of them are compared in the following URL:

Comparison -


Dhanaraj said...

hai ,

I am using the local coding for wamp,and live coding with lamp.

here we 4 members are worked with separate wampserver each.

and after that we combined those things manually antoher system.

after that i collect all those things and put into live server.
but it wont work.

and i create the views to them in live server it works.

plz give any solution are give proper guidance and steps to maintain the project

Kathiravan Manoharan said...

Hi Dhanraj,

There could be various reasons that your source didn't work.

Pls let me know the error which you are getting while trying to execute the package.

Kathiravan Manoharan