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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recent Changes made in iGoogle (2nd, December 2008)

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As a fan of Google, I admire the changes made within the site.

Here are some recent changes made in iGoogle:- 

  • Quick Email Check using "Gmail Gadget"
  • Google Chat is integrated in iGoogle
  • Check Temperature in "Weather Gadget"
  • Navigation bar has been to the left (Earlier it was on the top) of the gadgets. It is now handy to navigate through out iGoogle. When you click on the left it is changing the right panel immediately without hesitation :-)

Fore more and detailed information, pls visit the search engine giant's web:-


Google Weather:

Google Daily Puppy:

Google Chat or GTalk:

Google GMail:

Keywords: Google, iGoogle, Changes made in iGoogle, Gadgets, New  Google Gadgets

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