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Friday, August 21, 2009

Advantages of Zmanda - MySQL Backup (ZRM)

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Advantages of Zmanda - MySQL Backup:

  • Using Zmanda, you can schedule full and incremental backups of your mysql database
  • Using Zmanda, you can also define immediate backup or postpone scheduled backups based on your requirement
  • Using Zmanda, you will also get e-mail notification about the status of your backups
  • Zmanda mysql backup supports both mysql 4.x and mysql 5.x versions
  • ZRM (Zmanda Recovery Manager) provides Web based UI to monitor and perform mysql backup activities online
  • ZRM provides excellent reports that analyze the details about backup and restore jobs, including summary reports, custom reports, predefined reports and data integrity reports.
  • Zmanda mysql backups are done through mysqldump, mysqlhotcopy or mysql replication. Depending on your requirement, Zmanda chooses the best way
  • Zmanda also provides facility to backup an online database (currently it supports Linux, Windows VSS, Solaris ZFS, Veritas VxFS and Network Appliance SnapManager)
  • Recover to any point in time
  • Simple yet powerful Management Console
  • Intelligent support for all storage engines

You can download the community edition of Zmanda in the following URL:
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