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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Change Your Font Size on "onclick" Event

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Change your Font Size on "onclick" event

1. Create style for your body tag as follows:
font-size: 100%;

2. Create your body tag as follows (having id as xbody):
<body id="xbody">

3. Create the following function in your javascript (js) file

function changeFontSize( size ){
document.getElementById( "xbody" ).style.fontSize = size+ "%";

4. Create buttons that will call the "changeFontSize" function on "onclick" event

<input type="button" value="Small" onclick="changeFontSize( 100 )" />
<input type="button" value="Large" onclick="changeFontSize( 120 )" />
<input type="button" value="Extra Large" onclick="changeFontSize( 160 )" />

5. Thats it done.

Please download the sample script in the following URL:

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