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Friday, August 21, 2009

How to restore a mysqldump file?

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How to restore a mysqldump file?

Its a big question that will require answer only if something goes wrong. The answer is as simple as follows


Restore mysqldump file - Way1:

mysql -u username -p < /path-to/filename.sql

alternatively if its an automated restoration (wherein you won't be there to specify the password)

mysql -u username -ppassword < /path-to/filename.sql

Restore mysqldump file - Way2:

1. Login to mysql
2. Select the database you want to import the sql
   e.g. use db_name;
3. Execute the sql script using source command.
   e.g. source /path-to/filename.sql

Important Note:
Please ensure that your .sql file contains a line "use dbname;"; otherwise it will end up with errors saying that "no database selected". In such cases, you can follow "Way2".

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