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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Introducing the Book "Progressive Partnerships"

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Introducing to you the book "Progressive partnerships" written by Callum Laing. I met Callum Laing in a "Business Owners Meet-up" that he had organised. Impressed with his session, I left the place after congratulating him. After few weeks, I received an email from him with an invitation to read his new book "Progressive Partnerships". As I didn't expect this great gesture of him, I immediately started reading his book.

The book starts with a bad joke (as Callum literally calls it) and then transforms into one of its own kind, calling for "progressive partnerships" and the benefits of it. Callum has succeeded in his goals of selling the idea of "Progressive Partnerships" and has not bored his readers not in a single place. This could be a casual read for few, but it's going to change the way you meet people and conduct business. 

"Most of us tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what we need in life. It turns out successful people tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what other people need. Progressive partnerships are all about understanding what other people need." ~ From the book, "Progressive Partnerships".

I firmly believe that being part of a successful network is the first step towards success and not many books would help you understand this. The success of this book is that Callum has written it neatly. I recommend this book especially if you are running out of ideas in your business and interested about taking new steps towards building a successful network.

I wish Callum all success for his future books.

Enjoy reading the book. You can buy the book at the online store Amazon,

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