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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How some people enjoy greater success than others?

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Image Courtesy: | Graphic Text: Kathiravan Manoharan. 

Have you ever wondered seeing a rise of a person? I hope many of us would have seen a phenomenal rise of a person while others in the same work place struggle to save their current position. It isn't hard to see this kind of people around you. So, what makes few people rise and enjoy greater success than others?

With the key question in mind, I interviewed some of the successful people that I know to find out the best qualities and the following is the summary of the findings of the assessment.

1. Stakeholders Management - striking the bullseye.

Regardless of the industry, many of the candidates that I interviewed have provided me a feedback that stakeholder management is the key to their success. Managing expectations of people from the different spectrum of an Organization is a challenge by itself. While managing expectations of people are important and it is even more important to manage and partner closely people who are key to your success. In general, we can categorize the stakeholders into 4 and we may use the magic quadrant tool for stakeholder management to identify the important stakeholders to manage them better.

Look at the quadrant and your key for success lies in how you manage and partner with the people who are in the top-right square named "High Power, High Interest". If you are contributing and participating in their success, then you will have better possibilities in your success.

2. Quick Decision Making and Problem Solving

The second common thing in successful people is their quick decision-making and problem-solving skills. This important skill rescues us from many situations. Let us imagine a situation where we are stuck with a problem for many days/week, this means that your energy, productivity, and focus will be on this problem until this is resolved. So, it is important to take quick decisions and move things to the next stage as soon as possible. During the course of this article, I spoke to people who are dissatisfied with their growth and when I scrutinized further this is one skill that unsuccessful people were lacking. Read my articles about "Problem Solving".

3. Network and Partnerships - The strength of an individual manifold with a network/partnership

The third popular most common thing in successful people is their ability to network and partnership. Yes, successful people are never individuals as they have always been connected or associated with a successful network. 
"A well connected individual will have the strength of the network and his strength grows when the network grows."
Now, one may notice that an Individual may enjoy growth benefits with lesser efforts, but by sticking to a strong network. The network not only helps them to resolve the problems, but it will also help them find new opportunities. 

There are few external factors that play an important role in the greater success of an individual and one such factor is "environmental demands". The environment here may refer to the Organization's work environment, a particular team's importance in the Organization or the customer's demand and the revenue generated from that. If an individual is possessing all 3 qualities of the successful people that we had seen in this article and if they are pinned to an organization or a position that doesn't have growth potential, then it is time for the individual to think about finding a place that offers potential and growth possibilities.

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