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Saturday, August 6, 2016

A beautiful, and natural hot spring valley

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Geothermal Valley - Beitou, Taiwan

Beitou is an interesting town in Taiwan, known for its rich history and its different attractions that draw tourists from worldwide. Located 12kms away from the Taipei main city, this place has some interesting attractions that give compelling reasons to visit this place. One such attraction is "The Beitou Geothermal Valley", located near Xinbeitou hot spring museum. 

This valley is a naturally a wonderful place. Water is geothermally heated as it passes through this valley. Due to the geothermal heating process, the steam rises high as the water is heated. It is extremely hot that you can't bath and it is dangerous even to touch. The water in this pool is naturally heated even to 90-100*c sometimes. The Water in the valley is in light green color (as in a jade stone). A few years back, the visitors were allowed to boil eggs in this valley, but now it is prevented due to safety and to avoid water contamination.

Although you can't bath in the geothermal valley for obvious reasons, Beitou town is famous for hot spring pools (both public and private). Tourists flood into this place to bath in hot spring which seems to have health benefits.

This place is easily reachable from Taipei City. Check out the video in this post that I captured during my visit to this place.

Transportation - How to reach?

Take Taipei MRT and get down at Xinbeitou Station. You can follow the directions and signs from the exit.

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