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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wanderer's Diary: "Singapore Soul"

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"Soul" is a sculpture designed by the Spanish artist "Jaume Plensa". The sculpture is present in the prime area of Singapore, Raffles Place near the MRT. It is hard to miss this sculpture if you are going via Robinson Road to Nicoll Highway.

"Soul" by Jaume Plensa

The sculpture "Soul", symbolically represents the cultural unity and harmony of different ethnicities such as Chinese, Indian, Malay and English in Singapore. This sculpture is made of letters from all local Singaporean languages, Chinese, English, and Tamil. A beautiful representation, indeed!

1. Taken from inside the sculpture

2. Top view, taken from inside the sculpture

3. The sculpture as seen from the left side

The sculpture is hollow and allows anyone to enter inside, probably a symbol of "acceptance"?

4. Hollow gallery, as seen from outside

After seeing this sculpture of Jaume Plensa, I checked out his other works in public space. Looks to me like, he has a liking of human and faces as most of his works reflect this. In fact, there are at least 12 sculptures looking very much similar to Singapore Soul, built all over the world.

Alma del Ebro / The Soul of the Ebro sculpture present in "Spain". Source: 

His personal web to check:

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