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Friday, July 28, 2017

Wanderer's Diary: "Sumptuous Meal"

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Restaurant: Sangeetha Bhavan
Location: Kitchener Road, Singapore

I entered Sangeetha Bhavan without any expectation and ordered a meal. I feel now that I made the right choice. A wholesome meal that has every item deliciously prepared. 

Let's start with sweet; Payasam was perfectly sweetened and it allowed my tongue to generate more than enough saliva to digest my food. I have an opinion that many places don't enough sweet when it comes to "Payasam". The cook in this restaurant has felt the need for the right amount of sweetness.

The beans had the right amount of dal mixed. The Potato curry was rightly fried with the correct
amount of spices. Even the most of the renowned restaurants mash this up and make it a terrible dish to eat.

Sambar was good. The more Kuzhambu was made of raw banana. Rasam was just perfect with rightly souring and had a great smell.

Mango pickle, a hard to find preparation in restaurants. It goes very well with the curd rice.

Overall, a great meal for 8.90$. A must try!

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